The Fitzgeralds 

e have known Linda and Jim for 20 years and grew up with their kids. Hannah helped introduce us to our much beloved Local Yarn Store, A Grand Yarn, where we both worked and fell in love with bringing people and fiber together. 

We are so excited to bring Abundant Yarn and you into our lives. Our number one priority is the excellent customer service that you have come to expect from Linda and Jim. The website, phone number, and, most importantly, yarn isn't changing. You'll have new people answering the phone, replying to emails, and fulfilling your orders. Please feel free to email or mail us any well wishes for Linda and Jim and we will pass them along. 

We are so thrilled about this opportunity! 

Warm regards!

Ariel and Libby


The Lynns


For over 15 years Linda and Jim Lynn, along with their daughter Hannah, brought their expertise and love of fiber to Abundant Yarn Online. With a commitment to excellent customer service, quality natural fiber yarns, yarn blends, knitting, and crocheting supplies, they made Abundant Yarn a favorite of many yarn lovers.

Linda and Hannah come from a long legacy of fiber arts experts. Hannah is a nationally recognized designer of rich, elegant garments and accessories. For many years, she untangled the most complicated fiber arts questions for Abundant customers.

Linda and Hannah both learned to knit and crochet as children from their mothers and grandmothers. Emma, Linda's mother, learned from her mother, Eva. Eva brought her artistry from the Old Country at the turn of the 19th century. Emma knit constantly throughout her life and adopted the mantra, "I only knit for love."

Linda and Jim are now enjoying retired life and Linda is still knitting and crocheting away. Hannah is now a speech-language pathologist in Colorado and can often be found knitting and crocheting in her spare time.