AYO Owners, Jim & Linda Lynn
What ARE we about… hmm?

As Linda and Jim Lynn approach retirement they...we find ourselves positioned to carry forward the legacy of Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks (Abundant Yarn Online) now in its 10th year of bringing the joy of fiber arts creation to the broadest community. Our aim is simple. We live peacefully our core values of serving the world in our unique way: by offering our wide selection of quality natural fiber yarns, yarn blends, knitting and crocheting supplies through the medium of ongoing exceptional customer service. We love connecting with folks around the world and helping, however we can, with the fiber-arts needs of all.


Linda and daughter, Hannah are the current experts in a legacy of fiber arts proficiency that goes back many generations. Hannah has been a creative force within Abundant Yarn from its beginning and is a nationally recognized designer of rich, elegant garments and accessories. She’s appreciated around the world for her expert assistance to folks needing answers to challenging fiber arts questions. Now off to graduate school, she’s still available for the toughest questions. At right, Linda and Hannah knit a Great American Afghan on the porch.

Linda and Hannah
Four Generations of Expert Knitters "Knitting Only For Love"

Hannah with Grandmother Emma

Hannah & Emma

Linda (at age 6) and Hannah (at age 4) both grew up in the tutelage of their respective mothers and grandmothers. Above, Hannah helps wind yarn the old fashioned way with grandmother, the late Emma Bogatin, Linda’s mother, who had learned fiber arts from her own mother, Eva Cooper who brought her artistry from the Old Country at the turn of the 19th century.


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Emma loved knitting. From childhood and throughout her life, she created her own clothing, apparel for her family and friends, and the famous menagerie of knitted animals. Emma knitted for those she loved adopted the mantra "I only knit for love”. Jim notes that, in fact, he can’t remember a time seeing Emma not knitting. She knitted so much that she learned to do half a dozen other things at the same time: watching TV, reading a book, talking on the phone, snacking, playing with grandchildren and okay, napping. It is Emma’s irrepressible love of knitting that we carry forward through our online store.

Linda with Grandmother Eva

Linda and Eva together.

Eva emigrated from old country Russia in the early 1900s settling in Philadelphia. Granddaughter Linda remembers sitting on the porch during summers in Atlantic City knitting together. With 3 children, 10 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren Eva also knitted constantly. Above is Linda and Eva (Bubba) wearing knitted sweaters knitted together. We've lost track but are pretty sure generations before Eva knitted their family clothing as well.