Abundant Points

Abundant Points are our way of showing appreciation to you for shopping with us. And yes, we want to see you use your points to get discounts on future orders. Here’s how it works. Every time you buy something from Abundant Yarn Online as a registered customer, you earn 1 point for every dollar you spend.* We have no way of awarding points to guest account customers. To become a registered customer, click the "Login” button at the upper right corner and select "create new account”. Fill in information using your preferred email address. Then add your own password to make your account registered. For your convenience, the next time you login, all your profile information will show as needed, including your accrued Abundant Points (For your security, our website does not save your financial information.)

Books and paper patterns earn double points.

The next time you buy from Abundant Yarn Online you can use your store of points. Each point is worth 10 cents credit.

Example: suppose you spend $60 on an order now. That earns 60 points. The next time you log in to your account, you will see your 60 points available (worth $6.00). Then, when you place an order you will be asked on the 4th checkout screen if you wish to use your Abundant Points. If yes, just input the number of points you wish to use in the bottom field and click "recalculate”. The value of your points will be deducted from your order. You can apply any portion or all your points. You can use points on anything you purchase, even if it’s already deeply discounted.

How to get the best value with your points? Our points system is modeled on Airline miles and employs the same rules. So keep these things in mind when using points. Any order you place that uses Abundant Points will not earn new points (Airline model). So your best value will be when you use Abundant Points to pay for all of a new order. But you can use any amount any time.
Abundant Points = Abundant Value

* Except on an order where you use your points…please read on.