Look What We're Knitting...

Linda LynnThe knitters at Abundant Yarn Online, Linda Lynn and Hannah Cuviello, are going to use this space to share what’s on our needles (and hooks). Linda’s thinking that, for many knitters, a scarf is her/his first knitting project and is working up The Humble Scarf. This basic scarf can be plain knitting until it reaches the desired length. No increases or decreases are necessary. No special stitches are required. And when you’re finished, you have a useful garment. Linda and Hannah have made hundreds of scarves, both simple and complex. Recently, Linda wanted a project she could work on without paying too much attention and was easy to carry along anywhere. So she grabbed a skein of Cascade Yarn’s Heritage Prints, and #4 needles. What’s special about Heritage Prints is that is makes its own pattern! The knitting is all stockinette but the patterning in the yarn creates alternate colored stripes and a repeating pattern as well. Using smaller needles with Heritage creates a dense fabric that is perfect for a sturdy pair of socks or gloves. But the size 4 needles result in a soft, light weight fabric. At the end of one skein, Linda’s scarf measured 12” wide by 39” long. Linda wants a longer scarf so she’s going to use another skein, and have enough yarn left to knit matching gloves!

Look what We're Knitting...

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