Look What We're Knitting...

Linda LynnThe knitters at Abundant Yarn Online, Linda Lynn and Hannah Cuviello, are going to use this space to share what’s on our needles (and hooks). Here are two more squares from the Great American Kid’s Afghan, one of the Great American Afghan series by Knitter’s Magazine, featuring Cascade Yarns. Linda has always been intrigued by color work. She loves the idea of making pictures with knitting. These two squares are examples of two different color work techniques. The star pattern is made using intarsia. Each area of color draws yarn from its own bobbin. Colors are joined with a special intarsia twist so as not to leave a hole. Changing from one color to another also has a special wrap. The paper doll pattern uses stranding. Both colors of yarn used in the row are carried across the row on the wrong side. Be careful to keep an even tension: too tight and your work will pucker; too loose and the carries can get caught and pulled.

Look what We're Knitting...

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