Look What We're Knitting...

Linda LynnThe knitters at Abundant Yarn Online, Linda Lynn and Hannah Cuviello, are going to use this space to share what’s on our needles (and hooks). Linda has been working on the Great American Kid’s Afghan, using Cascade 220 Sport. The last two squares are completed, and here they are. Have you tried Entrelac? It’s an intriguing series of triangles and rectangles. Stitches for one shape are picked up from the side of the last shape. The instructions are very easy to follow, and once you have the knack of it, you’ll want to knit an entrelac shawl. The last square incorporates "color, texture, shape and simplicity”. Instead of the exact color usage in the pattern, Linda used yarn colors in proportion to what she had left from the other squares. Final usage tally for the entire afghan: 2 skeins of each of 5 colors, and 3 skeins of 1 color. Next post will show the entire afghan assembled.

Look what We're Knitting...

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